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CDL Training Locations on the Rise

July 18th, 2018 No Comments

CDL Training Locations on the RiseThe demand for drivers is still very high.  The American Trucking Association says there is a need for over 50,000 drivers. The fact is that number, by some experts, could double or triple over the next 10 years.  The question remains how we fill these positions.   A large population of the current available truck drivers is reaching retirement age.  The reality of self-driving trucks may be coming, but that will not get your PRIME DAY order to your home in the next few years.

The Demand is real. It is growing. The only real answer is CDL Training and the need for the Schools and Programs that can help fulfill these career opportunities.

Private Driving Schools like EZ Wheels Driving School located in NJ is one example.  Over the last several years they have opened multiple locations in the state and continue to add qualified drivers to the workforce.

Community Colleges more and more community colleges like Delta Community College are offering a 4-week course that can help fill the gap.  As well as some state colleges like Pensacola State College are also becoming viable sources.  It is important to make sure if you decide to go the college route that you make sure it is accredited.

Paid CDL Training Also sometimes called “FREE CDL TRAINING”.  These programs are offered by some of the larger trucking companies that have their own driver training programs and will train you with the understanding that you will be obligated to the company for a specific period of time.


All of these have their pro’s and con’s depending on the individual. All are viable options and a good source to help.  BUT 50,000 NEW Drivers and growing the Industry really needs to do a better Job a promoting the wonderful career as a professional driver, the career path available and spread the word and positively market what a  rewarding and long-time option for a career obtaining your CDL License can be.

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